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“We rise by lifting others” 
-Robert Ingersoll


Speaking topics

Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a talk or discuss about your event or conference.
Here are a few topics I spoke about in the past, but I would be more than happy to craft one in collaboration with you.

  • Build and live your brand from the inside out

  • Marketing communications and relationship building

  • Personal brand: how to build yours and stand out

  • The art and science of asking questions

  • Professional reinvention and entrepreneurship

  • Brand identity - Brand DNA - how deep will you go?

  • Brand evolution - what I've learned from brands with decades of existence

  • Emotional branding and Customer Experience

  • The power of images : photography and psychology


lecturing a Service Marketing class x2 - masters’ students

when:february 12th and february 19th 2019
where: hec montréal
about: replacing a professor, teaching 2 classes of his this semester.

IMG_1656 (1).jpg

the meaning and importance of brands

when: February 5th 2019
where: hec montréal
about: invited to speak about the meaning and importance of brands to a class of students completing their DESS at HECMTL. 


iae paris : reinventing yourself and building your brand

when: february 4th 2019
Where: hec montréal

“Merci. Merci. Merci. It was a blast ! Super présentation, tu semblais vraiment sur ton X. … Et, beaucoup mieux, tu as « planté » des questions dans la tête de chacun de nos participants. Priceless.”

“Salut Vanessa, je suis étudiante à l'IAE de Paris, merci beaucoup pour ton intervention hier, c'était super inspirant !”


teaching a marketing communicaton course

Where: HEC montréal
When: winter 2019 semester

“La professeure est très engageante et passionnée ce qui est contagieux.”

”J'aime l'énergie du groupe et du prof. Le cours est intéressant et Vanessa donne le cours de bonne façon avec beaucoup de plaisir, ce qui est très motivant.”

”Ce cours est présenté avec professionnalisme, beaucoup d'implication et de passion, d'ailleurs c'est mon cours préféré, c'est frais, c'est fun I LOVE IT”

Vanessa Elle - Dialogue.jpg

workshop: Dialogue with the unknown:
The process towards making better decisions in your personal and entrepreneurial life

Where: Influence MTL 2018 x MALALA
When: September 26th 2018

Because the quality of our questions impacts the quality of our decisions and in turn, of our lives.
In this picture, the audience is working on the first exercise, consisting of answering a deep question about themselves.

“Thank you Vanessa for being such a great inspiration today! I loved your presentation and I can’t wait to do the exercise , i.e. “who are you without your past and future” with my team at work and share with them what I’ve learned from you today! Have an amazing evening and thank you again for having such a great influence on people!”

“Vous avez été très inspirante ce matin! Ce fut un plaisir de vous écouter! Je suis passée par là il y a qqs années avant de choisir ma voie et votre discours avait d’excellents rappels que l’on a tendance à oublier avec le temps! Cela tombait à point auj! Un immense merci, au plaisir.”

“It was awesome, thank you so much :) Exactly what I needed is challenging myself and asking myself why…”

Vanessa Elle talk HEC Montreal.jpg

Sharing my story and what i stand for

Where:  HEC montréal
When: september 9th 2018

Une invitation pour parler de mon parcours et "démontrer que l’on peut suivre son propre chemin, avec succès, sans se trahir (en restant fidèle à soi-même), que nos expériences, nos formations, souvent se combinent pour faire de chacun.e un être unique. Et qu’on ne devrait jamais renoncer à ceci, peu importe notre position (entrepreneur.e, staff, corpo., etc.)."


Vanessa Elle - ETS teaching.jpg

Introduction to brands

Where:  École de technologie supérieure
When: July 9th 2018

I was invited to speak about brands to a group of engineers completing their master's degree.

"Bonjour Vanessa, J'ai eu la plaisir d'assister à votre enrichissante conférence hier à l'ÉTS.
Vous m'avez apporté de nombreuses questions essentielles à se poser.
J'en viens à la conclusion que l'ensemble de notre vie doit être "mission-driven" !
Merci et au plaisir"



Where: Le Cercle, HEC Montréal
When: March 28th 2018


Taking the leap: when and how to take the chance for your dream

Event: InfluenceHER x WeWork, Hosted by Female Department and Influence Orbis
Where: Wework L'Avenue
When: March 10th 2018

"Thank you very much for sharing your story and insights regarding taking a leap of faith and getting the courage to find our purpose at the event this afternoon! I have recently taken a leap of faith by leaving my corporate job and am currently in a period of transition where I am trying to find my voice and purpose. Your workshop was very inspiring and has giving me hope that I am on the right track and am not alone in this journey. I wish you all the best and hope you continue to inspire people to take leaps of faith!"

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Living your brand from the inside out

Where: Wework
When: September 2017
Invited guest: Pierre Balloffet

Many start building their brand or rebranding by working on their external image, such as their logo or website. Yet, strong and successful brands start inside, by travelling deep within to uncover their DNA, to identify their essence, their purpose and their unique value proposition.

We invite you to explore what a brand is, how to navigate the process of defining and building your brand from the inside out and to use your brand as a compass to make the best business decisions for your success.

Join Vanessa Elle brand consultant, and art director / owner at Vanessa Elle and her invited guest speaker, Pierre Balloffet professor at HEC Montréal who is also behind the growth of numerous startups on Tuesday September 19th from 6-7pm at WeWork Place Ville Marie.

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Rethinking branding & strategy for creative positioning

event:Mosaic Montreal-Barcelona summer school
Where: Bell Canada
When: July 2017

I was invited to give a talk on the subject of creativity, brands and sense making. Sharing the 3 convictions that define my entrepreneurial path.


Build AND LIVE your brand
from the inside out

Where: Grind Atelier
When: November 2017

Brand consultant and art director Vanessa Elle will teach you about how to build and live your brand from the inside out, while also guiding you to deeply reflect on it, as you learn about the "brand as business" approach.

Key takeaways from this class:

- Gain insights about your brand identity as we navigate from uncertainty to clarity
- Learn to use your brand as a compass to make the best decisions for your success
- Work on practical exercises and group discussions and leave motivated

- Healthy snacks and refreshments
- Network
- Intimate classroom

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.12.09 PM.png

Visual Narration by Vanessa Elle

Where: Anticafé Montréal
When: May 2016

We are honoured to have Vanessa Elle with us for share her story, her travels, and her passion for photography and videography.

About her:
- she has been on an African Safari
- she went on a yoga retreat in India
- she is member of the Portrait Photographers International
- she is fluent in 4 languages

Come spend an inspiring time with her.


un bon entrepreneur?

Event: Grande Rencontre des Entrepreneurs
Description: I had the pleasure to interview: Lise Watier, Martin-Luc Archambault, Jean-François Bouchard, Nicolas Duvernoy, Gabriel Bran Lopez

McGill Fashion Show - University Club of Montreal

I had the pleasure to interview: Pina Marra, Serge Jean Laviolette, Michelle Laberge, Antoinette Di Carlo, and Rita Elias.