Q1. What are signs that we need to work on our brand?

  • We need to find and/or reconnect with our brand's soul, with our essence
  • We are successful, but want to grow and take business to the next level
  • We need to revitalize our brand, modernize visual image (ex: website, logo)
  • We want to reposition ourselves differently (because some things have changed such as our services or because competition is getting stronger)
  • There is a gap between how we see our brand and how our customers see it
  • We are not getting the results that we want with our marketing, ROI is lower than expected
  • Our employees are not motivated or inspired at work

Q2. when is the best time to work on our brand?

The answer is now. Brand building is a lifetime activity. Don't wait for your business to be experiencing certain challenges or to face some ambiguity before working on your brand. Like body building, it is an activity that needs to be consistently done for long term sustainable results.

Q3. do you offer research?

Yes! The answer is twofold. First, I conduct primary research. How can I help you build or strenghten your brand if we can't see your brand through the lense of your consumers or your team? I focus mostly on qualitative research methods to which I complement a certain level of quantitative methods.

I also conduct secondary research that allows me to learn more about important elements such as your industry, your competition, and more.