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“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”

- Albert einstein

QUesTions for reflection

On a scale of 1 to 10 how deeply well do you know your customers and what keeps them up at night?

If you had to ask your team members what your brand stands for, what would they say?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, do not worry. Neither do 80% of my customers upon our first meeting.

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The growth of your bUsiness is Impacted by The sum of your decisions as leaders, which Are inFluenced by Your level of Clarity and Alignment.

What i know for sure

Through my work with leaders of small and medium companies and solopreneurs working on brands that are either a few years old or with decades of existences, I learned that most challenges pertaining to decision making share the same core: overlooking the pivotal role of clarity and alignment.

This is why I commit today, in an uncertain fast changing world, every leader makes insightful, strategic, clear, aligned and timely decisions with confidence.


Acknowledging situations of ambiguity, uncertainty, and challenge are a first step on your journey towards further growth. These symptoms are not to be neglected, or overlooked as they remind you to reassess your priorities and indicate that a new perspective is essential.

I see them as business layovers, points or moments in time where you make space and time while you are on a longer journey to somewhere else (and in business, that somewhere else is a somewhere better, your vision).

“Lifetime regrets are more painful than Delayed gratification”

‘’Yes, there is a cost to change but could the cost of the status quo be higher?’’


I accompany leaders of small to medium businesses like you in their marketing strategy decisions through brand and marketing strategy consulting. If you don’t speak marketing, I help you navigate towards clarity by helping you use your brand as a compass  in every decision that has to do with your communication strategies, customer experience, and corporate culture. 

Using a collaborative approach which combines psychology, marketing, research driven consumer insights, as well as creativity, you will be better equipped to take decisions aligned with your brand. Through the art of questioning, we gain insights into knowing, deeply understanding and connecting with the essence or soul of your brand, with your customers, with your team, and with yourself. These elements have the potential to transform your organization.

How can We create something for a customeR without FAMILIARIZING Ourselves And seeing the world through Their Eyes?

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what clients are saying?
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You have the answers. I ask the questuons

When I say that my purpose is to make a difference it includes helping you by

  • seeing things differently

  • going deeper with your reflections, learning to ask better questions

  • challenging you to dare navigate the unexplored, challenging assumptipns

  • reframing old problems

  • guiding you from uncertainty to focus and clarity in tandem

  • It means learning at every meeting and leaving inspired and feeling aligned or feeling that things are clear.

In other words.

This is the beginning of change and the introductory definition to what making a difference means to me.
And of course, sharing my enthusiasm along the way!

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services we will

research + insights

  • Brand Diagnostic - Brand Audit

  • Brand perception (what stakeholders such as your team, customers and suppliers are saying about your brand)

  • Consumer Insights: Research methods including focus groups, one-on-one Interviews and surveys


  • Brand Strategy - Brand platform

  • Brand Identity

  • Positioning and repositioning

  • Value Proposition

  • Marketing communication strategy

Alignment + actions

  • Aligning communication and experience

  • Internal communication

  • Customer Experience (cx)

  • Corporate culture

When is the best time to work on your brand?

Brand building is a lifetime activity. Don't wait for your business to be experiencing certain challenges or to face some ambiguity before working on your brand. Like body building, it is an activity that needs to be consistently done for long term sustainable results. The answer is now.


more case studies to come soon.

What clients are saying:

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 “I really loved the process, I love how you asked us questions… It’s almost like therapy! You asked us how we feel about our brand, what represents us and we start to just mention words, ideas etc. … It will be a great base for the design phase, so that the graphic designer knows exactly what the brand stands for, and therefore the tone she has to get to be the visual image, to the editors that write about us or write with us, the marketing tagline, they will understand what the company stands for and how we differentiate ourselves from the others… So I’m very happy with the process.”

“With the exercises, you’re helping us clarify who we are, who we want to reach, and that in turn will affect the way we communicate, will affect our branding, will affect our positioning and all of those things… There are moments of inspiration, the way you are guiding the conversation I like very much.”
- Eduardo M

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"There is no question though that in 20years from now I will be able to look back and clearly identify Vanessa Elle as being someone who had a huge impact on my life. She was able to teach me about the freedom to be true to your why (purpose), she taught me about the freedom of being focused, and how important that is to both us as individuals as well as to other endeavours that we are undertaking in life, in business ans it applies to everything… She’s so focused on having people discover their why and be true their why that suddenly life becomes less stressful. Funnily, oddly enough, when our contract ended, both sara and i for a couple of weeks after, felt kind of like, lost, we felt like we had lost one of our business partners, because we weren’t getting to see Vanessa every week, we actually looked forward to coming to her office, and getting to sit down and having these real conversation about stuff that really mattered.” - Dave M

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“This process really helped us define who we are, it defines what we want, it defines why we are, and where we are going, and all of those questions that maybe we had in our heads, but just brainstorming about it helps putting words to our thoughts. It will definitely help for us to know better what we're doing, but to explain it better also to future investors, to friends, to the public and most importantly, future clients. Hesitant (referring to her first impression). Do we really need this? Is is that important? Every time we have meeting, every time I come out, and it’s true that my vision, thanks to our conversations and brainstorms, it’s clearer and clearer.” Veronique L

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“Vanessa is a brand whisperer. Her listening capacity, her analytical thinking, her strategic elaboration, combined with her capacity to execute all the way to the finest of details, are unequaled. Finding someone with these two qualities is quiet rare. She accompanies brands with her strong sense of strategy and execution, but she also works to help a brand distinguish itself, to help it succeed on the market, all of which while establishing a true authentic relationship with her clients and working in their’ best interests. And I admire her for that!” … - Pierre B

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"Vanessa truly is a brand psychologist. With her background in psychology, her background in marketing and her creative background as art director and past experience as a photographer, it’s a perfect completion. We haven’t even finished the brand building process and I have goosebumps just thinking of all the things we uncovered. Everything is so clear now, I feel like after 15years in business I can make the best of decision for me and and for my brand… She enormously invests herself in the project, she sincerely wants me to grow. She immerses herself, it’s incredible.” ... - Julie B


More testimonials…

“Il y a une magie quand tu trouves la personne qui fit avec ce que tu as de besoin. Je ne suis pas venu vers toi pour travailler mon image de marque ou ma perception. Je ne savais pas ce que mangeait en hiver une image de marque. On vient vers toi quand on cherche des réponses, quand on a des questions et on veut améliorer notre état. Mon expérience se passe super bien, ça va au delà de mes attentes et de mes espérances. Ça change complètement, tout est tellement focus, je suis assise dans mes souliers, je suis sur mon x, et tout ça me stimule.”

- Professional life coach with 10 years experience

Vanessa a un grand sens de l'écoute, i.e. qu'elle accueille tout ce qui est dit sans juger, en laissant aller le flow des idées couler, ceci m'a permis d'exprimer sans réserve tout ce que j'avais à dire. La passion, l'enthousiasme et l'énergie de Vanessa m'a permis de voir mon entreprise sur un autre angle, un angle que je n'aurais pas pu percevoir de moi même ou en faisant une lecture. Sa passion pour son travail est communicatif, ça m'a permis d'ouvrir mes horizons et de voir de nouvelles possibilités pour mon entreprise…

- Co-Founder of 2 medium sized companies in Montreal, with 20 years experience

“Présentement tout est concret pour moi, je peux enfin bien expliquer au gens ce qu’est mon produit avec purpose et tout. Je suis en confiance, tout est clair. Je suis vraiment contente, j’avais déjà des réponses mais je ne le savais pas, Vanessa m’a aidé à éclaricir et trouver les réponses qui étaient déjà dans ma tête.