Evolved Brands & Curiosity with Steven Morris


"You get what you focus on" 

About Steven Morris

Steven is a brand evolution strategist, speaker and author. He speaks and writes on evolved brands, curiosity, and humanized workforces. He’s the author of two books and has a new one in the works entitled The Evovled Brand. Steven has been honored to work with more than 250+ global and national companies and 2,300+ business leaders over the past 24 years. He believes that leadership and business, done well, can be acts of artistry and expressions of beauty.

With the design to work with leaders who want to live and work more wholehearted, Steve is the president of Mth Degree and the Co-Founder of The Studio, an organizational change-consultancy that works with the foundations of leadership artistry and wholehearted leadership.

When he’s not on stage or roaming the globe advising clients, he can be found in his painting studio, in the surf or on trails running the canyons of Southern California.



  • What is your biggest lesson? What have you learned?

  • About meditation - Morning rituals fuel

  • What project are you most proud of?

  • Quote, motto that you live by?

  • Draw a brand

  • The world would be a better place if brands...

  • According to you, what led to our "purpose era", or "purpose revolution"? Why are brands more "purpose centric"?

  • What is an evolved brand?

  • What are examples of successfully evolved or evolving brands?

  • About the future of brands?

  • Curiosity? What is it and why does it matter?

  • How to infuse curiosity at work or artwork?


"We can't create and consume at the same time"

"Don't just digitize, humanize."
"Curiosity is the vehicle in which we increase knowledge, it it the threshold for learning anything new; it it the operating system to all learning and insight; it is the lens through which we permit ourselves to see anew, regardless of age or experience level; it is the necessary ingredient to living a creative life, a life of artistry and a life-long learner."
"This true north is a company's own self-defined markers for its reasons of being and ultimate measure of success and destination."


"You get what you focus on" 


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevenmorrisart/
Website: http://themthdegree.com/
Link to download his ebook : coming soon...


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Vanessa Elle is a brand consultant, art director, and public speaker. Often referred to as a "brand whisperer" or "brand psychologist", the guiding principle behind her work is to have a positive impact on her clients' and audiences' businesses and personal lives! Whether she is accompanying brands towards reaching their fullest potential, or sharing her enthusiasm to motivate and inspire a crowd, Vanessa cares about making a difference -- that is her purpose. Polyglot and globetrotter, she holds a bachelors degree in Psychology, a masters degree in marketing, a certificate in studio photography and recently celebrated her 5th year in business.