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Vanessa is a brand consultant, art director, and public speaker. Often referred to as a "brand whisperer" or "brand psychologist", the guiding principle behind all of her work is to make a difference by having a positive impact on people’s lives. 

She has accompanied 50+ entrepreneurs, founders and executive leaders of small to medium businesses towards thriving and success. The initial focus is on clarifying, strategizing and building a brand from the inside out. Vanessa teaches about brands and psychology and inspires her audience through public speaking engagements and workshops. She promises to make you think deeper about yourself and your business, to see things a bit differently, to learn and to experience a breakthrough or realization. In addition, she hosts conversations with bestselling authors, experts and thought leaders for her blog.

With 11+ years in the business of relationships in different fields that she’s passionate about, Vanessa holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in marketing. These unexpected elements of her background create a unique mix enabling her strategic, analytical, practical, creative, and human approach to business.


“Sometimes it’s the unexpected elements of your background that create a unique mix that enables you to see things just a bit differently from everyone else” - Dorie Clark

what do i stand for? what are my values?

I stand for:

Making a difference in people’s lives and building true long lasting relationships

Caring for people’s well being and growth is sincere and profound. Whether I’m facilitating a brainstorming session with my clients, speaking to an audience at a conference, teaching a class about brands or having a conversation with a bestselling author, my actions are always aligned with my purpose. That’s what leads to authentic fulfilment.


passion ANd enthusiasm
Authenticity and Integrity

learning and growth



If all of the above speaks to you,if your values align with mine, then let’s collaborate!


the brand whisperer -
Interviewed by g.atelier

When did you decide to do the perilous jump into the entrepreneurial world?
... I didn’t choose to be in business or to be an entrepreneur. However, I did choose to pursue my passion, to remain true to myself, to leave my comfort zone and embrace the unknown, work hard and believe that success would follow. I realize that the sum of these choices, which I made five years ago, has attracted opportunities my way. Little did I know that the decision to embrace them would mark the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I couldn’t be more grateful.

How would you describe the word “brand” in one word? 
The first words that come to mind are emotional connectionmeaning and trust. To answer your question, if I were to choose only one of them, it would be trust. Brands live in the minds of those who interact with them. Strong brands carry meaning, they succeed with storytelling, with building emotional connections, all of which contribute to creating trust.

Appearance in DEnise lee yohn's blog

interviewed by xnihilo

What is the best part of your job and why?

The best part of my job is people; authentically connecting with people and developing deep and caring relationships with them. This holds true with my clients, with members of my team, and it’s also why I love business development and networking. Without people, I simply wouldn’t be able to fulfill my purpose.
It aligns with the fact that I’m an ENFJ.


"It’s only in hindsight that I can mostly appreciate connecting the dots and realize that it is the collection of certain decisions that paved my way from psychology to brand consulting. I never planned for my career to evolve as it did, but I believe it was meant to happen this way in order for me to be who and where I am today."...

Why workshops and public speaking?

"Not many people know this, but every time I finish running a workshop or speaking publicly, I leave with a big long lasting smile on my face, feeling a state of inner joy, feeling fulfilled, and as if I've completed another milestone in line with my life's mission." ...


Brand Alignment

Vanessa Elle - Brand Alignment

"I believe that it is with a strong internal compass, sense of direction, and knowledge of what makes us stand out according to us and in the eyes of the beholder, that we can live our brand to the fullest and make better decisions for our business." ...

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Who is Vanessa Elle, outside of the business world?

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"We only live once, but if done right, once is enough"

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"If you think adventure is dangerous,

try routine;

it is lethal."

Paulo Coelho 

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