Vanessa elle

Vanessa Elle is a brand and marketing strategy consultant, lecturer at HEC Montréal and public speaker. She hosts conversations with bestselling authors, experts and thought leaders. Her approach brings together psychology and marketing, business and academics, strategy and creativity. (often referred to as a "brand whisperer" or "business psychologist").

50+ entrepreneurs, founders, and executive leaders of small to medium B2B organizations have trusted her to accompany them towards business growth. How? building or nurturing their brand so they can use it as their compass to make aligned decisions and take consistent actions to stand out, better communicate within or outside their organization, improve customers' experience and more.

Vanessa’s collaborative process is driven by insights, thus fuelled by scientific research, strategic thinking, workshops, brainstorming sessions and conversations to reach clarity and focus, as well as immersive experiences for depth of understanding people. Travel experiences in various cultures has deepened perspective taking.

Insights, once unhidden, can lead to breakthrough realizations. A simple discovery about yourself, your brand, your team, product/service or about how your customers see you can largely contribute to better change. From an outsider to an insider point of view...

The guiding principle driving my work?

Make a difference by having a positive meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Past experiences

Past academic background includes a bachelors in Psychology, a masters in marketing and a certificate in photography completed in Paris.

Previously, she also worked as an art director and photographer, where she had the opportunity to capture some of the most important moments in peoples’ lives and live incredible experiences along with her clients. Today, she is still called upon for certain art direction projects.

Fluently Speaking English, French, Spanish, Arabic
Reading and writing in Hiragana (Japanese) and gradually learning to speak it.


“Sometimes it’s the unexpected elements of your background that create a unique mix that enables you to see things just a bit differently from everyone else” - Dorie Clark

what do i stand for? what are my values?

Making a difference in people’s lives and building true long lasting relationships

Caring for people’s well being and growth is sincere and profound. Whether I’m facilitating a brainstorming session with my clients, speaking to an audience at a conference, teaching a class about brands or having a conversation with a bestselling author, my actions are always aligned with my purpose. That’s what leads to authentic fulfilment.


passion ANd enthusiasm
Integrity and accountability
knowledge and growth


If all of the above speaks to you,if your values align with mine, then let’s collaborate!


What is the best part of your job and why?

The best part of my job is people; authentically connecting with people and developing deep and caring relationships with them. This holds true with my clients, with members of my team, and it’s also why I love business development and networking. Without people, I simply wouldn’t be able to fulfill my purpose.
It aligns with the fact that I’m an ENFJ.

What do I do?



Who is Vanessa Elle, outside of the business world?

interests: psychology, astronomy, philosophy, learning new languages, mediation and yoga,
and lots ofps traveling as you can see below.

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"We only live once, but if done right, once is enough"


"If you think adventure is dangerous,
try routine; it is lethal."
Paulo Coelho 

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Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, stories and lives, not ours. Listening to others, genuinely understanding them requires this perspective taking shift. If everyone did this at every interaction they had with every single human, from strangers all the way to our family, friends, colleagues and clients, I believe humans would be more understood and accepted despite their beautiful differences. 

 “A different language is a different vision of life” - Federico Fellini

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