“Regardless of WHAT
we do in our lives,
our driving purpose,
cause or belief—
never changes.”



"a brand is what they say it is"-marty neumeier

Let them tell you about my brand.


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February 22nd 2019
Invited Nathalie Houde as a guest speaker in my marketing class at HEC Montréal. The intervention was about a case of re-branding and the entire strategic process behind it.


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In this conversation, Marty tells us all about Swarming. Swarming is the process of attacking a problem from many angles or through many disciplines at once.

"Rather than structure a project as a linear exercise, swarming unleashes the full power of simultaneous collaboration. A variety of minds (experts, newbies, tech-heads, managers, and artists) come together at the start, tapping their diverse talents throughout the process.


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